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Biodynamic Agriculture

posted 8 Sep 2014, 23:55 by Kestrel Maher
Whilst organic agriculture takes a view of care for the land, adding nothing poisonous and rehabilitating soils, biodynamics goes a step further and brings life-force to the soil.

An impulse of 1920's critical thinker and spiritual scientist, Rudolf Steiner, biodynamics works to bridge the physical and metaphysical.

petra making biodynamic flowform
One of the ways that Biodynamics is supported is with water flow-forms.  These are forms that cause water to flow in a lemniscape (figure 8 infinity symbol), creating vortexes in both directions to bring cosmic forces from the heavens into the water, activating life force as well as changing the physical properties of the water through oxygenation.

The flowforms are used to purify water and to mix biodynamic preparations.

We have been fortunate to bring Living Flowforms director, and the most knowledgeable man in flowforms in the southern hemisphere, to Bellbunya for a 3 day workshop.

biodynamic flowform mould making
At the workshop we made a number of flowform moulds, with the intention of setting up Flowform displays at Bellbunya.  We already have 1 series of flowforms that feed into the ponds near the Bellbunya community house; over the coming months we will create a series of mould to use in connection with the natural swimming pool.

Photos from the event have been posted Bellbunya's Facebook Page.

We are following up with a free talk on biodynamics at the September 25 Swap-meet at Bellbunya with Rob Birse, one of Queensland's most experienced biodynamic teachers.

See the Bellbunya events page for more information.